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Winning a Free iPad Tips

July 3 2017, 06:13am

Have you always wanted to win an iPad? Are you jealous that all of your friends have one but you are not able to afford one on your own? It can be tempting to try hard to get an iPad, but with all of the scams that are out there, you will need to be careful. Here are some of the ways that you will be able to win an iPad without being a victim of scam in the process.


The first site that you should visit is Digg. This is an online site that is currently giving away 14 iPads total. This is going to be done over a span of two weeks so you have a chance to win an iPad during this time. The reason that Digg is doing this is because they are celebrating a new iPhone app that they have just released. You will be able to visit their website in order to enter to win.


This is a reputable company that you know you can trust to actually give out free things that are of quality rather than try to dupe you. It is possible to win in iPad simply by going on Twitter and following the PCMag page. In addition, you need to send in a tweet that says “ I want an iPad” in order to be considered.

Week in Rewind

If you are a fan of Twitter or Facebook, then you really need to check out this site in order to win an iPad. This is a site that is going to be giving away an iPad simply because their fans or customers are helping them with their advertising goals. All that you will need to do is Tweet about a contest that they are holding or to share it on Facebook. There are a few more instructions that are present on their website, but this is the basics of it. That little bit of work can put a real iPad in your hands.

Being on Facebook

There are many companies that need your help and who are willing to reward you with a free iPad. You will be able to get this just by posting on Facebook or by becoming a fan on a certain companies page. Some companies that will do this include Revewlatest, TechBargains, and DealCatcher. You can look around to see if there are other companies that will be willing to reward you with a free iPad for helping them out on Facebook.


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Has the rise of online competitions marked the end of paper-based entry methods?

July 3 2017, 06:06am

As a growing number of people opt to satisfy their need for information and entertainment online, has the opportunity to enter online competitions resulted in the decline of paper-based chances to win? For dedicated competition enthusiasts (compers), having the chance to enter free online competitions is a fantastic opportunity, but what about paper-based comps?

Has the digital age meant the end of traditional competitions which involve snail mail or cutting out coupons? Here we take a quick look at whether paper-based comps are still out there and if so whether they’re worth entering?

Promotional packaging offers lots of winning opportunities

Frequently your invitation to enter competitions online won’t come through your Inbox or via social media. Companies that want you to buy their products often advertise their competitions on the packaging.

A quick tour around the supermarket will be certain to yield several different winning opportunities, all displayed on boxes, bottles or cartons. These usually include a link to enter competitions online as well as a postal option if you prefer.

Particularly when a purchase is required in order to take part, looking for competitions whilst you do your weekly shop is a great way of finding new chances to win.

Locally based competitions

Whether it’s a competition run by the local council to improve recycling figures or a prize draw sponsored by your nearby trade confederation to boost high street sales, there are often chances to win which have a geographically distinct element.

Find these competitions by having a look at your local newspaper, in shop windows or at your council offices.

If you prefer the virtual route, search for the online edition of your local paper or council and enter free online competitions through that medium.

Local businesses and organisations tend to enable people to enter their competitions through a range of different methods, so you can enter competitions online or through traditional means.

Magazine competitions

The wonderful thing about magazine competitions is that, in common with many media, you can enter competitions online or through the post.

Multiple entry methods are now common for all types of competition, allowing entrants to choose the method which best suits their needs.

If you’ve always enjoyed buying a magazine and posting off your competition entry coupons, you can still do that.

Equally, if you prefer to enter competitions online you can take part in exactly the same contest as the paper-based entrant but using email or a virtual entry form instead.

Although there probably far more virtual competitions available to keen compers than there are paper-based options, it’s great to know that magazines, packaging and other traditional locations for fantastic competitions still offer rich pickings for competition enthusiasts. The rise of multiple entry routes for the same competition (online, by phone, by text, by post) has resulted not in fewer competitions, but rather in competitions being open to more people in more ways.

Whether you are an old hand at comping and love the anticipation as you pop your entries into the post box, or are a virtual whizz at clicking the “enter” icon for an online competition, there are still plenty of amazing prizes on offer, so make sure you always find some time to start taking part and increasing your chances of a life-changing prize.

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Are Online Competitions Genuine?

July 2 2017, 06:19am

A common question which people ask when they start to enter online competitions is “Are the prizes really sent out to people, or is it just a scam to get marketing information?”

Luckily most competitions are genuine and people really do win fantastic prizes, including life-changing sums of money, every day. That said it’s always wise to be careful when giving out personal information online, so if you’re unsure about a site offering a competition then don’t enter. To help you decide whether a competition you’ve found is genuine, consider the following suggestions.

Enter free competitions

Competitions run by UK companies are subject to UK law and regulation. It’s also possible to easily do a quick search and see if the company is registered with Companies House and where its address might be. All these features provide additional safeguards for consumers and give added reassurance when you enter online competitions.

Foreign competitions often operate under different regulations and laws; even if they are genuine, it may be the case that only people from that country can submit valid entries, or prizes will not be dispatched to overseas destinations.

Chose well-known names

Brand names, national media and well-established websites are usually the best places to find genuine competitions.

If you regularly come across products from a manufacturer in your supermarket, or perhaps have used their goods in the past, you can be pretty confident that when you enter free online competitions run by that company, you’re probably entering a properly run contest.

A useful general guide for those new to comping is to enter online competitions which are on a company’s own website or social media page, rather than entering through a third party site, unless a link is provided which takes you directly to the manufacturer’s online presence.

Watch out for closing dates

Almost invariably when you enter free competitions online they will be time-limited. Major competitions may run for a few months, or even a year, but these are usually organised by universally recognised brands.

Smaller competitions may only be open for a few weeks or months

If a competition has a closing date several years in the future, or doesn’t have a closing date at all, then caution is required. Sometimes (but not always) these competitions can be set up to collect personal information rather than as a genuine contest.

Like any other online activity, when you enter online competitions it’s important to take reasonable steps to protect your personal information. By following the suggestions above, in addition to dedicating a specific email address just to your comping activity, it’s possible to enjoy entering competitions safely and enjoyably. Don’t forget that most competitions are well regulated and offer a chance to scoop some welcome wins, so there’s no reason not to enter a few and see if you get lucky.

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